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Watchtower Vol. 2

Image of Watchtower Vol. 2

£10.00 - On Sale

Watchtower Vol.2 is the second compilation released via Watchtower Records.

Committed to releasing only the highest quality music, this second volume represents the pinnacle of todays Freeform Hardcore.

Watchtower Vol. 2 includes 12 unmixed, DJ friendly tracks from the following artists:

Carbon Based, Lost Soul, Ephexis, Endemic, Grimsoul Re-Form, Transcend, Substanced, Aryx, Qygen, Torpex and pHate and Hyped.

Plus on the bonus mixed CD - CD 2 - we are also pleased to present "Exile" by Ble3k. A rising star in drum and bass, Ble3k represents the sounds of Ammunition Records, a label that consistently pushes the boundaries of Neurofunk DNB.

RELEASE DATE: Nov. 6 2012. Available now!

Additional free tracks by, Endemic, Transcend and Qygen can be downloaded - for free - via the "music" tab at the following address: